Zwanger Contract Niet Verlengd Ziektewet

If your fixed-term contract expires during your maternity leave, your employer does not need to renew your contract. You will continue to be paid during your vacation (at least 16 weeks). Please note that you are only entitled to 16 weeks of paid maternity leave if your due date is within 10 weeks of your cancellation date. The UWV will then continue to pay you during your vacation. Do you cancel more than 10 weeks before your due date? You are then no longer entitled to paid leave. Do you get sick during your vacation due to your pregnancy or birth? Then your advantage does not change. Your partner can take care of the leave if the mother dies during the maternity leave. This applies to the stay for the period up to 10 weeks after delivery. The partner also benefits from this leave if the mother was self-employed. Or if the mother was not entitled to maternity leave, for example because she was not working. If you go on holiday 10 weeks after the end of your contract, you are still entitled to a maternity allowance, you are then covered by sickness benefit and then receive 70% of your last salary earned. They are also exempt from the so-called obligation to solicit.

Otherwise, you will need to register with cwi and request a ww. It is best to on the uwv website, where everything is described very clearly. Success Your joint maternity leave lasts at least 16 weeks. The maternity allowance lasts together for as long as the holidays, including 16 weeks. If you give birth on the date of birth, you have had between 10 and 8 weeks of maternity leave. You will then have a total of exactly 20 weeks of maternity leave. Do you have questions about vacation, illness or leave during your pregnancy? Or is your employer not following the rules, for example by threatening to resign? Contact our legal experts! You can reach our service center on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. .m to 6:00 p.m.

.m via and 0345 851 963. If a dysfunctional relationship between you and your employer can no longer be repaired, they can fire you. if you are pregnant or on maternity leave and within the first 6 weeks after your maternity leave or within the first 6 weeks after the incapacity for work following pregnancy or childbirth; You have agreed to the revocation in writing (and have not revoked it within 14 days). If your contract is not renewed, you can apply for unemployment benefit (WW) from the UWV. If your employer has already promised you a contract extension in writing or verbally, they shouldn`t just come back to it. If they do, you can contact the FNV for legal advice. Not being able to work should not be the result of your employer taking inadequate care of working conditions. Are you sick during your maternity leave? Then report it to your employer. You have nothing to give us. Your maternity benefit will continue as usual. To calculate the duration of your maternity leave, we assume the following: We consider a 1-year period ending on the last day of the penultimate full month or the penultimate full period of 4 weeks before the first day of your leave (reference period).

So there is always 1 full month or 4 weeks that do not count. Example Your maternity leave began 8 weeks before the day after the due date. But you give birth 3 weeks too early. Then the maternity leave lasts a total of 20 weeks: 5 weeks before and 15 weeks after your delivery. A pregnant employee who is employed on the basis of a fixed-term employment contract is not entitled to protection against dismissal if the employer decides not to renew the employment contract. However, the pregnant employee can apply for maternity benefits. This is regulated by the Work and Care Act and the Sickness Benefits Act. This right exists if the pregnant employee is invoiced within ten weeks of the termination of the employment contract. The amount of the benefit under the Sickness Benefits Act for a pregnant employee is subject to a maximum daily wage.

During your maternity and maternity leave, you may be entitled to maternity benefits and maternity allowance. The construction of your vacation days continues. In case of illness around pregnancy or childbirth, you can receive sickness benefit. Your employer can`t fire you because you`re pregnant. .