32Bj Agreements

▪ employers offer employees a safe, private and convenient way to print a record of their salary. Learn how 32BJ works, how to solve problems at work, lead members, create member benefits, and key dates and events in your area. More than 400 workers from Loudoun and Prince George Counties joined our union and negotiated fair wages and benefits with our contract. Our union has been given transparent and clear rules regarding sexual harassment that protect workers. Our agreement guarantees a salary increase of 70 cents per hour in the first year, followed by an increase of 50 cents each year thereafter. NOTE: This is a summary of the main changes to the collective agreement. Once the contract is ratified, the union will distribute copies of the agreement to all members who will have the final and legally enforceable language. During the term of the agreement, all cleaners in Northern Virginia will receive three additional paid sick days, for a total of seven sick days per year. Salaries – the salaries of all employees are increased as described here: Seniority Protect members from unfair travel due to change. Over the four years of this contract, employers will pay a total of $1.13 more per hour (a total of $7.68 per hour) to the health insurance premiums of full-time employees. As a result, our high-quality health insurance with zero member contributions to the monthly premium will be maintained for the next four years. Part-time employees retain their current full benefits.

Compensation for sick leave and vacation. Cleaners from Prince George and Loudoun counties joined more than 10,000 cleaners in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC to secure a strong contract. . Nuestra unión obtuvo una cláusula para que los limpiadores puedan portar sus días por enfermedad de un empleador al siguiente, durante una transición entre contratistas. Employers have agreed to a comprehensive process to end sexual harassment of our members in the workplace. Sexual harassment by supervisors, tenants and even employees has increased, and this procedure provides a mechanism that requires each employer to thoroughly investigate each complaint, involve the union, and protect the accuser and witnesses from the accused and reprisal. Employees can now handle their complaint confidentially and without fear of reprisal or involuntary transfer, and any investigation involving the union should result in disciplinary action for a culprit, and even inform a third-party tenant, contractor, etc. of the outcome of these allegations and a recommendation for action to prevent further misconduct. Se preservaron los beneficios legales y de capacitación Resumen del Contrato para 2019-2023 entre la SEIU32BJ y BOLR We are pleased to unanimously recommend a new four-year collective agreement with the BOLR for ratification. This Agreement provides:. .

*Increases and wages are minimum wage rates. A member receives either a 50-cent increase or the minimum hourly rate, which translates into a higher rate of pay. Triple the wage gap for new employees entering the industry. ▪We have become more flexible in the use of our bereavement leave benefits. Building engineers will decide whether to give up their November 2020 salary increase and instead channel the increase into the BOLR pension. Los trabajadores ya no tendrán que lidiar con infestaciones sin contar con la capacitación y el equipo apropiados; y el Empleador tendrá que pagar (si se le solicita) por las vacunas, cuando quiera que un empleado tenga contacto con ciertos materiales infecciosos. . Workers no longer have to deal with an infestation without training or equipment, and the employer is required to pay for vaccines upon request if an employee comes into contact with certain infectious material. Cleaners will keep their jobs with the same wages and benefits if they move from a union contract employer to a similar employer. ▪ employers have to pay for safety shoes on construction sites where they are needed. . Workers can apply for up to 120 days of unpaid leave to resolve questions about their immigration status…

Cleaners get their jobs with the same wages and benefits when the employer moves from one unionized employer to another unionized employer. Over the four years of the contract, employers will pay a total of $1.13 per hour (a total of $7.68 per hour) to their employees` health insurance premiums. This will maintain the high quality of our health care plan, with zero employee contributions to the monthly premium for the next four years. Part-time employees retain all their benefits. Employers will work with the union to support a community training and placement initiative If your salaries or benefits are higher than those set out herein, keep your salaries and benefits as they are… We are pleased to be able to unanimously recommend the ratification of the new collective agreement with the BOLR for four years. This agreement provides: Medical Marijuana: Add drug testing protection for anyone with a valid prescription for medical marijuana. Our agreement guarantees an annual salary increase of 60 cents per hour – an hourly increase of $2.40 over the four years of contract. . . * Paid vacation, paid sick leave and 2 weeks of vacation. Union rights were also strengthened in this agreement as follows: Part-time cleaners in Baltimore have access to 8.7 paid sick days per year guaranteed by a Maryland law that 32BJ fought for and passed.